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Meet some of the incredible leaders and companies we've had the pleasure of serving.  


"While working to establish my company and vision as an artist and writer,  Spyka has provided credible insights into work ranging from writing, photography, and video from an artistic and business perspective.  During this time Jaclyn always insisted that I give as much attention to the "process" as the outcome.  I resisted this advice at first, but in my greatest moments of disappointment and frustration I would access those words for encouragement.   I'd tell myself, "at least you went through the process, and [Jaclyn says] that counts for just as much." Further along in my journey, I realize that without that advice I would not have given myself any credit for the courage and resilience it required to see things through (even when they didn't go my way), and continue to get up again an again.   It has been this acknowledgement of self that has made all the difference in opening up new opportunities to pursue my creative endeavors."



Jeri Hilt

Artist/Writer/CEO of

I've known her for years and in several areas of my life she has given me phenomenal advice that has taken my business and ministry endeavors from ideas in my head to realities that have impacted thousands of lives.  Jaclyn Cole is an amazing consultant for Disciples Thru Media and Revolution DC.  She excellently facilitated Revolution DC's Leadership Retreats and, by God's grace, helped us to strategically plan our goals.  As leaders we spent much time in prayer and discussion.  It was such a blessing to have an expert in the room help us strategize ways of meeting physical and spiritual needs in our nation's capital.  If you need help navigating through major decisions for your church or organization, I highly recommend her.

Devin Turner

Pastor of Revolution Church/CEO of Disciples Thru Media

Jaclyn Cole has proven herself over and over again to be an invaluable voice and a brilliant mind, in different seasons, and in various industries.   I have personally benefited from her ear and wise counsel in the areas of ministry development and business branding.  She is methodical, never rushing to a "quick fix" solution, which could leave organizations in a more precarious state than before.  She seriously meditates on best possible solutions, examines relevant case studies to the issue at hand, and fully invests herself in the needs and causes of those she serves.  If one can't have her on staff, she might as well have her as a consultant. She is worth her weight in gold. 

Lauren Hines

CEO of Get Wed For Less

Jaclyn Cole is on a very short list of the most resourceful and diversely talented social change agents I know.  Her determination to use her first-rate intellectual talent and superior performance in complex bureaucracies with global reach to identify and maximize creative potential in others is what makes Spyka impactful.  As an innovator, Jaclyn has a demonstrated ability to transform the most lofty ideas into programmatic infrastructure with achievable goals, objectives, and outcomes. This ability alone would make Spyka a remarkably successful enterprise: What makes it transformational is her deep commitment to developing its clients' abilities to do the same.  I have never met a more humble and at once gifted professional whose greatest desire is to see others succeed.  Spyka's clientele will remember the day they engaged its services as the day they began becoming the gift they sought to give to the world.



Dr. Greg Carr

Chair of African American Studies, Howard University

Jaclyn Cole of Spyka Consulting provided comprehensive consulting services, tailored to my unique business needs.  She gave my team the 360 degree view that helped us determine our short, medium, and long-term goals.  She went beyond the call of duty to share research models and successful strategies that she had observed with others in her broad client base.  I would highly recommend Spyka's strategic advising services to executives of businesses, nonprofits, and ministries.




Offiong Bassey

Education & Leadership Advisor/CEO of Moonlit Media


Getting to know Jaclyn through her work at Spyka has been a great benefit.  She has an incredible ability to see the way ahead and the steps to get there. She recently spoke at a women’s empowerment meeting, Unleash, which I hosted in January 2015.  As a featured speaker she was transparent, informative, and forthright.  The audience found her relatable and inspiring all at once.  It was in fact, Jaclyn’s advice that led me to hold the event, which turned out to be a fantastic success.  She has motivated me personally and professionally.  She is a true force with impeccable charter, work ethic, and a great mind.  I look forward to continuing to work with Jaclyn and Spyka in the future.



Althea Holford, Esq.

Health & Education Advocate/Real Estate Specialist


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