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We exist out of a passion to help others find their purpose.

About Spyka

Spyka is a company committed to serving our clients so they can better serve others.  


At Spyka we partner with you to design transformative and impactful life and business strategies.  Our goal is to transform people an​d teams by addressing critical challenges, leveraging their potential, and ensuring they effectively meet their goals.  


Bottom line, we exist to help you be your best self and do your best work, so you can create meaning in your life and have an impact on our world


As a company we stand by the following core values:

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Why we are Spyka

The name Spyka is a nod to the binary star system, Spica, the brightest light in the constellation Virgo. It is as our constant reminder we must use the past as a innovative launching point toward a newly imaged future. 


Historically this star was renowned by ancient cultures around the world, in particular for its solitude as one of the brightest stars in the night sky.  Fast forward thousands of years, astronomy has now revealed Spica is in fact two stars orbiting each other so closely they are telescopically indistinguishable from a single point of light.  The result of their synergy is a star system 2,000 times brighter than the sun, which explains this bright beacon's clear impact on traditions, culture, and navigation for generations. 


For us Spyka represents leadership, style, abundance, and excellence and its serves as a metaphor for the synergic intensity we bring to bear for all our clients.  


Striking out into the unknown to create a new venture or a better version of yourself can be a lonely task.  But with Spyka you have a dedicated team drawn by the gravity of our cause -- empowering leaders like you to bring your true brilliance to light.

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