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Consulting & Training

We provide expert advice to improve your business and  facilitate trainings to help your team learn and grow. 

Areas of Expertise

Strategic Planning

With our experts support you can feel confident in your team's abilty to set goals, determine the neccessary steps  to achieve those objectives, and mobilize resources to execute them.  Our strategists will work with you to  define your organization's direction and develop guidelines for implementating an action plan that leads to lasting benefits now and into the future.   


Innovation & Technology

Many organizations seek change but are unsure how to get there.  Our team can help foster an organizational culture that translates innovative activity into tangible results.  We can also help you implement the right technologies to serve your staff and clients.  The combination of innovation and thoughful design leads to greater efficiency, quality, competitiveness, and comand of your market.  

Leadership & Talent 

We work to develop individual leaders so they can reach their full potential while helping your organization focus on the interpersonal connections between members of the team. We provide a range of developmental experiences include 360 degree feedback, experiential learning, and executive coaching to measure leadership potential and help leaders achieve greater impact.


Branding & Identity

 We invest time and energy into successfully researching, defining, and building your brand.  Especially in the social media space. With our guidance individuals and businesses can better understand the needs of thier customers and set themselves apart from their competetors.  The result is an integrated marketing and brand strategy that ensure you clearly communicate your company's mission and value to the public.

Organizational Management

We assist teams in improving their ability to manage decision-making, staffing, and resources.   We can help new organizations experience healthy growth by establishing roles and responsibilities, outlining work flows and business processes, and building  administrative and IT infrastructure.  As organizations grow larger and more  mature we help improve their efficiency  so they save money, time, and effort.

Consulting & Training Packages

At Spyka we provide consulting and training in our areas of expertise offering varying  price packages to meet you and your business needs. Begin today with a free consultation.

30 Minute Free Consultation

If you are interested in taking the next steps to pursue your purpose or take your organization to the next level, contact us today for a FREE 30 minute consultation.  There is no financial commitment, we offer these consultations as an opportunity to tell you about who we are, how we work and most importantly to see how we can help you live your best personal and professional life.

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Consulting Packages

In these 60-minute sessions Spyka can help your organization identify challenge areas, growth opportunities, outline potential resources, and recommend next steps. We will help you develop an action plan in our core areas of expertise. For longer term support we suggest purchasing packages that provide additional cost savings. Packages include unlimited e-mail access to your advisor between sessions.

Training Packages

Spyka training events are an affordable way for your organization to develop critical skills.  We provide half day and full day training workshops on topics ranging from strategic planning, leadership development, and organizational management.  You provide the space and we will facilitate a high quality, interactive training program.  All our sessions include a lecture, small group exercises and group discussion.

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