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Founder & CEO — Jaclyn A. Cole

I created Spyka out of a desire to empower leaders to unleash their innate creative drive and identify their unique contributions to create a better world and brighter future.


For me, launching Spyka has been a lifelong journey and literally a dream come true.  I have spent more than ten years advancing public policy, innovation, and organizational management.  During this time, I served as a diplomat working on public diplomacy initiatives, which included press engagements, digital and social media, grant writing, and developing cultural programs and events.  One of my most proud achievements in my Foreign Service career was leading the effort to scale up the President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative, a powerful cultural exchange program that engages young social and business entrepreneurs throughout Africa and the United States.  I also had the privileged to serve in a unique role as the State Department Executive Secretariat's Innovation Officer, supporting the Secretary of State, senior U.S. government officials,  and the interagency on technology and change management.   


Prior to joining the Foreign Service, I worked in the non-profit sector on deliberative democracy, African and Diaspora Affairs, and on several faith-based initiatives. After years of developing policies, programs, and initiatives for the others, I felt compelled to pursue my own passion.  Now Spyka exists out of that passion to help others find their purpose.  We are excited to provide our services to clients whose interests range from personal growth to individuals and teams working in the arts, education, community development, faith-based organizations, tech start-ups, and other entrepreneurial ventures.  


Whether in the private or non-profit sector, Spyka is dedicated to partnering with our clients to maximize value by developing strategies that transform individuals and enterprises to increase their societal impact.

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